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 Art shop Rules

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PostSubject: Art shop Rules   Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:02 am

~Artwork Shops Subforum Rules~

Welcome to the Shops Subforum, of the Artwork Forum! In this section you are free to create shops and take requests made from your fellow Turtwig Valley members. This thread will provide you with the basics about what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in this section.

Shops need to be approved by a moderator
Prior to submitting your shop to the forums, you are required to PM your shop (exactly how it will appear) to a moderator first. It is best to send the PM to all the active moderators, so your shop can be approved quicker. The active moderators are: Grotle, Chan The Shiftry, but others sure will to Security can to, liek Gaokrom. If they approve it, ensure to include who approved the shop in your post. We are happy to approve them, so a PM is never intruding.

Ensure you have the abilities to open a shop
Consider whether:
You have the spriting skills to produce artwork for others.
You have the time to commit to your shop, and remain active.

Essential content
A list of what you are offering: for example, recolouring, fusing, banners, etc.
Samples/examples of your work: which are relevant to what you are offering.
Forms: so people know how to order. Use the Code tag; for example,
Form: Shadow Recolour
Sprite from which game:
Any extra details:

Create rules for your shop: how many requests are allowed to be waiting in the queue at one time? How many requests can each member make? Do you require credit?

Expected behaviour for people hosting a shop
Do not skip orders.
Fulfill all orders which are made in your shop.
PM a moderator if you would like your shop closed- whether temporarily to catch up on orders, or permanently.
Shops which do not mention who approved a shop, will be closed until it is confirmed that a moderator has actually approved the shop.
Expected behaviour when requesting
Be patient and do not nag the shop host, as it is considered SPAM and posts such as these will be deleted.
Follow the host's rules.
Report threads and posts which do not meet the rules, rather than Mini Modding.

A shop which has not been posted in for 30 days will be locked
This is to prevent any potential bumps or necrobumps. It also gives guidence to those looking to request, though do not know which are active or inactive. If you would like your shop reopened, then PM all the globals, asking for your shop to be unlocked. Ensure to send along a link to your shop too.

Additional recommendations
These aren't rules, so you will not be infracted for not following them; however, they serve as useful hints for a successful shop.

Create a unique thread title. Instead of having Chan's Shop, perhaps use ~.~ Chan's Shop ~.~.
Post in your thread as well as PM the member their order. Some people forget they have ordered from you.

(To other mods and admins, feel free to edit / add anythnig else, if you are not ok with this)


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Art shop Rules
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